Affordable Legal Assistance: Breaking Down Barriers to Access Justice

Legal assistance has always been expensive, which has made it difficult for many individuals to access justice. However, the demand for affordable legal help has increased drastically in recent years. Due to the high cost of legal services, many individuals have little to no access to legal representation, resulting in major obstacles for them when attempting to protect their rights and seek justice.

Luckily, there are some ways that affordable legal assistance can be granted to those in need, breaking down barriers to access justice.

Pro Bono Work

Pro bono work is one way that lawyers can help individuals that cannot afford their fees. Many law firms, lawyers and bar associations offer free legal services to low-income individuals who meet specified guidelines.

The Legal Aid Foundation is another organization that provides free legal services to qualified low-income individuals. Legal representation is granted to those that require assistance in specific areas of law including family law, bankruptcy, housing, and government benefits.

Legal Clinics

Legal clinics provide free or low-cost legal advice to individuals. Legal clinics provide legal help, assistance in filling out forms, and can give general legal information.

Clinics may specialize in specific areas of law. For example, clinics may provide services for elder law, family law, or immigration law.

Public Interest Law Firms

Public interest law firms represent individuals in a similar manner to private law firms. However, public interest law firms usually represent individuals who do not have the means to pay for private attorneys. As well, these law firms normally specialize in particular areas of law.

Legal Services Corporation

The Legal Services Corporation is a government-funded corporation that helps to provide legal assistance to those in need. This federal program offers free legal services to low-income individuals.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for affordable legal assistance have become popular. Some apps provide free legal advice, although the information offered may not be specific to an individual’s unique circumstances.


In conclusion, affordable legal assistance has become a pressing issue. Barriers to access to justice can be overcome by offering pro bono services, legal clinics, public interest law firms, the Legal Services Corporation, and mobile apps for legal advice. Making affordable legal assistance available for those in need, shows that we value justice for all.